Addon Domains

The Addon domains feature allows you run serveral websites from a single account.

The main difference between Addon domains and Parked domains is that these don't have to be pointed at the root of the domain.

You can have a domain called and then point domains at folders with in the account.

eg could be pointed at
Any one who enters into a browser will never know it is being hosted within another account, it will appear as it has its own web hosting account.

Enter the domain you are going to addon to the account into the first box without http://www. prefix.

In the second box you enter the folder in your account you want it to be mapped onto.
This will also act as a ftp user name so the contents of this folder can be accessed and updated by someone else with out giving away the main account details.

In the Password box you allocate the password or the folders FTP .

N.B. Addon domains may need to be turned on by your system administrator.