Mail Manager


Clicking this item gives you the choice of the two installed webmail clients, horde & NeoMail

Add / Remove accounts

This is the section you use to add additional email accounts.

Select [Add Account] at the bottom of the screen and you'll be confronted with this screen.

Type into the Email box the address you want to create. (only the bit before the @ sign)
Type into the Password box the password you wan to be associated with the email address.
Enter into the Quota box the maximum size to allocate for the mailbox. (entering 0 gives unrestricted size on the mailbox)

Default Address

This is where any email is routed if it doesn't have a designated email box.


These automatically reply to all emails sent to a specific email address, with a fixed message, very useful if you are going on holiday or are away from your email for a longer than normal period of time.

Block an E-mail

Prevent certain emails from designated email addresses being delivered to your accounts.


This will re-route emails to certain addresses to other email addresses on this or any other server.

If a person involved in a site has more than one email address they don't have to have more than one email box, as the other emails can be routed into one.
e.g. >

if there are several people working on the same project, you can set up a single email address to forward on to several other addresses.
e.g. > > > >

Mailing Lists

Here you can manage email lists so that you can send the same email to many people e.g. a newsletter.

Spam Assassin

This tool detects set patterns in your emails to detect SPAM (junk) emails and acts accordingly.

Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry)

This alters the domains MX entry in the DNS record.