Password Protect

This can be used to prevent unauthorised access to files and folders on your website.

This section enables you to password protect a directory so that only authorised users can access it and all the files/subdirectories contained in it.

To navigate in this section, use the folder icon to change to that folder and click on a folder name to protect that directory.

  1. Navigate to the folder which contains the directory you wish to password protect
  2. Click the name of the folder
  3. Tick the checkbox and then enter a description for the folder you are protecting e.g. Authorised Users Only
  4. Click the Save button
  5. You will get a Permissions updated message. Click the Go Back Link.
  6. Enter a username and password to be used to access the directory
  7. Click the Add New User button
  8. You will get a confirmation of the user you just created. Click the Go Back link and you will see that the user will have been added to the Active Users list for this directory.

You can test this by typing the address of the folder you just protected into your browser. You should get a box asking for a username and password to access it.