Shopping Carts

Bundled with the cPanel are a couple of shopping cart tools that are free to use.
NB. Different cPanel versions have different shopping carts installed, these are the two that were installed on one of my servers, since updating this guide my latest server only has Agora installed.

You can find more information about these Shopping Carts by going to their respective web sites:

Interchange Web Site
Agora Web Site

Both sites have full admin and user demos for you to experiment with for free., and we would appreciate that you do any testing on their servers, and only install the shopping carts on your account through cPanel when you are definately going to use it.

Or as it says in cPanel :

"As a courtesy to other users, we kindly ask that you do not click on the install shopping cart links unless you are planning to configure and use one of the shopping carts. The shopping carts utilize system resources and they will be automatically installed by clicking on the links below. Once installed, they can only be uninstalled from the backend by our technical support team."

Agora screen shots


Interchange Screen shots